What the fish? When people change


Sven Olson, founder of Kamarad Meyer Musik:

After 119 released tracks (including a lot of bonus material) I decided to release no further releases on Kamarad Meyer Musik until further notice.

It's amazing to see how people change as soon as they have one or two releases on the market and get a little more attention than usual. These people now include some whose music I have published with my label as the first ever. It becomes all the more difficult when they suddenly behave very differently.

I do not have to and do not want to deal with it anymore. That's why I decided to take this step.

Soon there will be a compilation with the current working title "Various Artists - The Most Underrated Tracks". After that, I will use the time and start my new label. I've been producing and recording many tracks beside my work for the label.

True Techno soldiers never die!