Two new releases in May

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In May, two new releases (from Detroites Wohnen and Kamarad Meyer) will appear on Kamarad Meyer Musik. First, Detroites Wohnen gonna have their third EP out. "Black Motion" is another fine example, of how deep electronic music can go. Edit works by Hille (Fine Beatz) and Kamarad's new project Capcom are included.

"Da Remixörs" - The wonderful and frightening world of Kamarad Meyer

At the end of May, electro duo Kamarad Meyer will release a remix EP, called "Da Remixörs". The rumors have confirmed that this will be the last EP until further notice and that the two no longer make music together. Anyway, this is a wonderful overview of the sound spectrum, the two producers have crossed in the recent past.