Tracks for compilation confirmed

feature compilation

This Spring sees the first official compilation of Kamarad Meyer Musik (catalogue number KMM014), including 14 tracks from the for most of you unknown early phase of the label, entering the shops. The tracklist is confirmed now.

Half of 14 is 7 - so the focus on this compilation will be in the first seven releases. After all, the very first Kamarad Meyer Musik (remixes for Kamarad's Single Sonnenlicht), without exaggeration, was a musical highlight, but this was completely lost because of the lack of label recognition. Three tracks from this release are the starting positions of this compilation. After that, the level does not drop! On the KMM014 there is a reunion with Detroites Wohnen, Drew Miller, Der Totmacher, Sebastian Wolf, Torsten Kanzler and of course Kamarad Meyer!

These are the tracks:

  1. Kamarad – Laufen (Der Totmacher's Nicht Stolpern Mix)
  2. Kamarad – Sonnenlicht (Torsten Kanzler's Dubby Mood Mix)
  3. Kamarad – LFW (Less' Schattenwolf Mix)
  4. Detroites Wohnen – Baaang!
  5. Kamarad Meyer – 1440 (Zu Kurz Mix)
  6. Sebastian Wolf – Balkon 17
  7. Der Totmacher – Chicago Complex Night
  8. Kamarad Meyer – TOTAL
  9. Drew Miller – Musica Alienis (Torsten Kanzler's Edit)
  10. Prof. Death – Humpeln
  11. Sebastian Wolf – Doomsday
  12. Drew Miller – Thagomizer
  13. Kamarad Meyer – Edrieschtal
  14. Detroites Wohnen – The Last