These Three (Part Two)

Die Drei (Teil zwei)

Intro (15th of June 2017)

On a hot day at the end of May, I sat in the car and thought that I could write all the stories behind the tracks of Kamarad Meyer Musik. Here are the second three:

Detroites Wohnen - Monkey (KMM008)

I say it and write it again and again: Detroites Wohnen has already earned an award only for the band name! But also in musical terms, the two producers Microghost and DJ Deep Davis earned at least one award in the category "Deep Minimal Dance". One of the many good examples of the duo is the track "Monkey", from their second EP Weird Dancer (KMM008). For these, the two could even win one of my "youth heroes" as a remixer: Marvin Dash, woohooooo!!!

Kamarad Meyer - Fetch (KMM006)

I do not know why this is, but the track "Fetch" from our second EP Music Sounds Better Without You (KMM006) is one of the most popular ever. It was already three times licensed for compilation samplers (including Secret Destinations, Vol.1 - Selected And Mixed By Hermanez). Fetch shouldn't be that monotone. You know, I have at least four more versions of the track on my hard drive. But somehow the track lost its effect every time I wanted to edit a part. That's why I decided for this version in the end.

Sebastian Wolf - Balkon 17 (KMM004)

Sebastian Wolf is the second artist after Detroites Wohnen, who had the courage to put out an EP on Kamarad Meyer Musik. The EP Waiting (KMM004) has become an impertinently beautiful tribute to Deep Techno. As a teaser, I chose the track "Balkon 17". It was the first one I heard from him.