These Three (Part One)

Die Drei (Teil Eins)

Intro (May 29, 2017)

In the current heat, the brain usually comes up with funny ideas. My brain was really cooked in the car today. It came to my mind that I could write down the stories behind the tracks of Kamarad Meyer Musik – in such a way that they don’t bore you. Here are the first three:

Juliane Wolf – River Queen / Ambient Version (KMM011)

Ladies first! Juliane Wolf entered the cosmos of Kamarad Meyer Musik on the International Women’s Day 2016. Less has known her for some time and he responded to a Facebook post from me, where I asked ladies to send me their tracks. It did not take long and I got four tracks from her. That was a great moment because the tracks she sent blew me away! Later, the “Universe Of You And Me” EP was released. Techno meets Ambient – a sensationally exciting mix, as I think. And then the beautiful Balearic House Remix from my Dutch “Buddy” Sounom from Holland. As a teaser track, I’ve chosen “River Queen” in the Ambient version, which Gabriel Le Mar gave his support for!

Bildertal – Futurebots (KMM012)

Bildertal. I have not talked to him for a long time… you have to know that you can talk with him about money and the world. Long conversations. Very long. Andreas Wiegand aka Andomat3000 aka the mighty Senor De La Casa brought us together. The tracks I first heard from Bildertal immediately reminded me of the early stuff of Acid Jesus (Alter Ego). The track “Futurebots” from his first EP on Kamarad Meyer Musik, Coup Des Fantômes, is a good example for you to understand what I mean, aye?!

Drew Miller – Thagomizer (KMM007)

Drew Miller will be the first international artist in the history of Kamarad Meyer Musik. His home is Scotland. God, how I would like to go there! Anyway, I had Drew written about SoundCloud. He then replied quite quickly and shortly afterward sent me the two tracks for his single (KMM007). The track “Thagomizer” gave me instantly back to the year 1994. I heard in the summer with friends the legendary HR-Clubnight, with Svenner (Sven Väth). He was known for his cryptic-nasal announcements. This was the Clubnight where I heard the track “Kraft” from Eternal Basement for the first time in my life. At this moment I was reminded by Drew Miller. Attention, insider: Mom, I even have one from Scotland in my Roster!