Pre-stream Kamarad Meyer Musik’s 626 Potpourri on Spotify

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On March 3rd, the first official compilation of Kamarad Meyer Musik is out as an exclusive pre-stream on Spotify.

On "Kamarad Meyer Musik's 626 Potpourri", 14 selected tracks from the first label releases can be heard. The "626" stands for the number of days that have passed since the release of KamaradMeyerMusik001 up to this compilation (KMM014).

But why "Potpourri"? Well, first of all it's a nice word! And "Compilation" is used by anyone. And you want to be noticed, right?

Anyway, Spotify users can already stream through the 14 tracks:

cover kamarad meyer musik's 626 potpourri

The shortcuts:

  • Catalogue-No.: KMM014
  • Artists: Various Artists
  • Name: Kamarad Meyer Musik's 626 Potpourri
  • Tags: Acid Trance, Deep House, Electronica, Indie-Dance, Techno
  • Duration: 1:29:10 min
  • Tracklist:

1. Kamarad – Laufen (Der Totmacher's Nicht Stolpern Mix) 2. Kamarad – Sonnenlicht Torsten Kanzler's Dubby Mood Mix) 3. Kamarad – LFW (Less' Schattenwolf Mix) 4. Detroites Wohnen – Baaang! 5. Kamarad Meyer – 1440 (Zu Kurz Mix) 6. Sebastian Wolf – Balkon 17 7. Der Totmacher – Chicago Complex Night 8. Kamarad Meyer – TOTAL 9. Drew Miller – Musica Alienis (Torsten Kanzler's Edit) 10. Prof. Death – Humpeln 11. Sebastian Wolf – Doomsday 12. Drew Miller – Thagomizer 13. Kamarad Meyer – Edrieschtal 14. Detroites Wohnen – The Last