KMM008: Detroites Wohnen – Weird Dancer

One year after their first EP Baaang! (KMM002) the members of Detroites Wohnen are back with three new exciting tracks on Weird Dancer. As a special surprise, they also recruited the genius of Marvin Dash, who did two brilliant Edits for the title track of this release.

Electric Indigo (indigo@inc): "pretty nice tunes here" (Favorite Track: Lost In Loops). Oliver Schories (Der Turnbeutel / Ostwind / Parquet / MGF): "I really like track 1+2, will play." Torsten Kanzler (TK Records): "Passt vielleicht nicht in mein Set aber ich find es mega Fett." (Favorite Track: Lost In Loops). Oliver Chlass (Lebensfreude Records): "the original tracks making me happy!" Mark Jackus (CusCus Music / "dope". Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul, Frankfurt): "marvin dash edit is a nugget!" Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show): "Lovely. Especially M.D. Jr. Edit." [Feedback über:]


  • Catalogue No.: KMM008
  • Artist: Detroites Wohnen
  • EP Name: Weird Dancer
  • Tracklist: Lost In Loops, Weird Dancer, Weird Dancer (Marvin Dash Edit), Monkey, Weird Dancer (M.D. Jr. Edit)
  • Tags: Minimal, Deep Techno, Deep House, Intelligent Techno
  • Duration: 32:55 min
  • Artwork: Stefanie Adler

Getting lost in loops

With Weird Dancer, Detroites Wohnen has created the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer. With minimal beats, laid back sequences and stunning chords, the Erfurt-based producer duo has created the perfect follow-up to their EP Baaang! from last year.

The first track "Lost In Loops" is a hypnotic mover with an uplifting pad, some nice Acid tweaks and a memorable vocal sample repeating the question „Where you wanna go?” - can you answer?

Weird Dancer in three different versions

The title track wraps your body and soul with a pleasant sub bass while a number of skillfully placed samples and rhythm patterns boost your dancing pleasure.

"Monkey" is a track deep as hell and also a nice link back to Detroites Wohnen’s previous release Baaang! from last year.

The return of Marvin Dash

On this 8th release of Kamarad Meyer Musik we can also announce the comeback of the genius of Marvin Dash. The man who already released on labels such as Out To Lunch, Force Inc. (US) or United States Of Mars (USM) did two fantastic edits for the title track. One is what he’s doing the best, Deep House from the button of the heart. The other one is “music from the future” as Kamarad describes the M.D. Jr. edit.

Promoclip "Weird Dancer"