KMM011: Juliane Wolf – Universe Of You And Me

Universe Of You And Me comes from the boards of the analogue machines of DJane and producer Juliane Wolf. The four tracks of the Berlin-based are incredibly profound, without losing in theatricality.

"really nice", Robert Babicz (Babiczstyle). "very nice ambient", Gabriel Le Mar (Praxxiz Records). "Refreshingly good. nice tracks", Frau Hofmann (tanz.t.raum music). "Really great work on this one. All of the tracks are very well produced with plenty of interesting complexity, and just so damn beautiful!", Brian Bacchus (Summit Sessions Radio Show). "I think all the tracks are good. I particularly like the title track and the Sounom Remix. I love this EP", Sog (Polynom Records). "lovely production!", Raphael Marionneau (Radio Fritz).


  • Catalogue-No.: KMM011
  • Artist: Juliane Wolf
  • EP Name: Universe Of You And Me
  • Tracklist: Universe Of You And Me, Universe Of You And Me (Sounom Remix), Love Trip, River Queen (Ambient Version), Watching The Stars
  • Tags: Ambient, Techno
  • Duration: 32:05 min

When the first notes of Universe Of You And Me resound, all you can hear is a hassle. High-frequency sequences "chop" from the speakers to the listener, and you get the feeling of sitting in a rocket racing toward space. But after a short while, the "scene" calms down and the noisy waves flatten noticeably. Then all in a sudden you float in space - Welcome to the universe of Juliane Wolf!

Universe Of You And Me - Analogue Ambient and Techno

The Berlin-based DJane and producer deliver with Universe Of You And Me a rousing mix of analogue Ambient and Techno music. "I am so proud that Juliane Wolf released this EP on Kamarad Meyer Musik! Her tracks reminded me of the sound of such great labels like 'Labworks' or 'Platipus Records'" says Kamarad.

Sounom remix of the title track

The Dutch producer Sounom has released tracks on Baroque Records, Manual Music, Cosmopolitan Flavour and Cinematique. For this EP he surprises with a Balearic House remix of the title track. But since Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" everyone should know, how quickly everything can change in space...

Promoclip "Love Trip"