KMM007: Drew Miller – Thagomizer / Musica Alienis

On its 7th release "Thagomizer / Musica Alienis", the label Kamarad Meyer Musik present Glasgow-based producer Drew Miller who made two hypnotic Acid-Trance tracks, which were remixed by Torsten Kanzler, Sebastian Wolf and Kamarad Meyer.

Jonas Wahrlich (Der Hut/Eminor): "The Granular Dub is very solid." Drew Miller (Gibbon Records): "Remix's all sound fantastic, must have played that Torsten Kanzler one over and over again!" Mark Brain (Turning Wheel, Alphabet City worldwide): "Memories, funny tune! Great Remix by Kamarad Meyer." [Feedback über:]


  • Catalogue No.: KMM007
  • Artist: Drew Miller
  • EP Name: Thagomizer / Musica Alienis
  • Tracklist: Thagomizer, Musica Alienis, Thagomizer (Sebastian Wolf's Granular Dub), Musica Alienis (Torsten Kanzler's Edit), Musica Alienis (Kamarad Meyer's We Detected A Signal Mix)
  • Tags: Acid, Progressive Trance, Dub-Techno, Minimal-Techno
  • Duration: 34:50 min

"When I first listened to the track 'Thagomizer' I was beamed straight back to the mid 90's. This one reminds me of the sound from early Techno labels like Labworks, Harthouse or Platipus", tells Kamarad about the forthcoming release of Glasgow-based producer Drew Miller.

The second track "Musica Alienis" has an uplifting female vocal placed over deep ambient sounds. A warm pulsating bass falls from above like a warm big blanket and the rumbling beat may take you to another place in outer space.

Sebastian Wolf's definition of Dub

A label's favourite artist is also back on this release. Sebastian Wolf, who did the fantastic "Waiting" EP in 2015, turned the track "Thagomizer" into a long melodic Dub track.

We Detected A Signal

Torsten Kanzler did a remarkable remix for "Musica Alienis". He turns the original track into a big Techno monster with lots of basses and a tricky break-down in the middle of it.

With their "We Detected A Signal Mix", the label-heads Kamarad Meyer also did a remix for "Musica Alienis". The duo did a classic Techno tune which could have been from the 90's. Kamarad: "Yeh, we grew up with early Techno music. So we tried to capture the sound of that period with our remix."