KamaradMeyerMusik001: Various Artists: Kamarad – Sonnenlicht / The Remixes

Kamarad's Sonnenlicht Remixes is the very first release of German-based label Kamarad Meyer Musik, featuring 8 remixes by various underground artists.


  • Catalogue No.: KamaradMeyerMusik001
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • EP Name: Kamarad - Sonnenlicht / Remixes
  • Tracklist: LFW (Air Wolf Remix by Detroites Wohnen), LFW (Gunnar Lenke's Edit), LFW (Less' Schattenwolf Remix), Sonnenlicht (Lutz Hartmann's Edit), Laufen (Nicht Stolpern Remix by Der Totmacher), Laufen (Señor de la Casa's Remix Sin Método), Sonnenlicht (Torsten Kanzler's Dubby Mood Mix), LFW (Microghost's Funky Wolf Mix)
  • Tags: Electronica, Funk, House, Techno
  • Duration: 44:35 min

The following remixers chipped in to make the project Kamarad Sonnenlicht / Remixes happen: Señor de la Casa (Andomat 3000), Lutz Hartmann, Torsten Kanzler, Gunnar Lenke, Der Totmacher and Detroites Wohnen.

Sonnenlicht - Visions of remixes for the club

Head behind this project is the Erfurt-born audio and video artist Kamarad, who released the single Sonnenlicht in January 2015. During the production, he had visions of club remixes for his songs. You may get satisfied by Techno, House, Electronica and even Chillout versions.