KMM003: Kamarad Meyer – Odins Nervender Neffe

Odins Nervender Neffe is the first release by electronic duo Kamarad Meyer from Germany. Their 4 tracks are as colourful as the cover of this release


  • Catalogue No.: KMM003
  • Artist: Kamarad Meyer
  • EP Name: Odins Nervender Neffe
  • Tracklist: Mjam Mjam, Let's Get Strudel, Edrieschtal, 1440 (zu kurz Mix)
  • Tags: Hip-Hop, Funk, House, Electro
  • Duration: 22:20 min

Who is Odin?

"Mjam Mjam", the first track on "Odins Nervender Neffe" is a mix of hip-hop and electro-funk, decorated by the crazy vocals and raps of Kamarad Meyer.

You can dance relaxed to the charming and rumbling rhythms of the House tracks "Let's Get Strudel" and "Edrieschtal".

If you are still in the mood for hypnotic Electro, you will smile while listening to the warm bass and stunning chords of „1440“.

Being asked why Kamarad Meyer named their first release "Odins Nervender Neffe", YC comes up with: "It was just one of those moments in the studio. The tracks and cover for the EP were all done. What was missing was the name. Then you start thinking for a while and suddenly Kamarad said these three words - and it was just 'Bing' for both of us."