KMM006: Kamarad Meyer – Music Sounds Better Without You

Kamarad Meyer releases with "Music Sounds Better Without You" a dark Techno EP. The duo changed the sound completely to their previous release "Odins Nervender Neffe". East-German illustrator Gunar Graeve designed the cover for the second EP of Kamarad Meyer.


  • Catalogue No.: KMM006
  • Artist: Kamarad Meyer
  • EP Name: Music Sounds Better Without You
  • Tracklist: TOTAL, Music Sounds Better Without You, Fetch (Yes, It Is A Good Loop Mix / The Loop Mix), Orange
  • Tags: Dark-Techno, Deep-Techno, Minimal-Techno, Experimental
  • Duration: 23:48 min
  • Cover artwork: Gunar Graeve

And indeed "... Gunar's cover art gave the EP’s sound a decisive direction" tells Kamarad on another warm winter afternoon in January 2016.

According to him, some of the demos for Music Sounds Better Without You were already made in 2000.

Promo Clip "TOTAL"

Kamarad about making the promoclip

"It took me an age to get that one right. I wanted it to sound like that. My intention was to transpose the such a significant word like TOTAL into music. It has such a present to me. Cause it sounds so absolute determining and you can not hide from." is what Kamarad tells about the meaning of this track.