veröffentlichungen kmm009-sebastian_wolf-meatus

KMM009: Sebastian Wolf – Meatus

On Meatus, Sebastian Wolf presents 4 new tracks from his sound cosmos. And again, his music is worth a listen every second. Sounds and instruments have its right place.


  • Catalogue-No.: KMM009
  • Artist: Sebastian Wolf
  • EP Name: Meatus
  • Tracklist: Any Category Part II, Autumn Dub, BassAssel, Meatus
  • Tags: Dub, Intelligent, Minimal, Techno
  • Duration: 32:37 min

Already in the autumn of 2015, Sebastian Wolf succeeded with his first EP, called Waiting, in the form of a techno tribute.

Meatus: The Wolf-Dub and the BassAssel

In the first track, called "Any Category Part II", Sebastian Wolf provides unusual curiosity for the ears with unusual instrument combinations.

Sebastian Wolf's already typical Dub sound is allowed to unfold in "Autumn Dub" over a length of 10 minutes in full width, depth and also in height.

With "BassAssel", Sebastian Wolf has achieved a minimal stomper, which starts on a swaying synth sound and "fierce" sample gadgets.

The last number is called "Meatus", meaning "the way". Sebastian thus decides the first round on his orbit by sound and space. A journey that started in the autumn of last year with its debut "Waiting".

Promoclip "Meatus"