Live Recordings Volume One

Live Recordings Volume One is a live set by Kamarad Meyer of 30 minutes lenght. The duo recorded 4 during a live session in their studio in one take. Please, take off all your clothes, because here come 30 minutes of pure Techno.


  • Name: Live RecordingsVolume One
  • Artist: Kamarad Meyer
  • Tracks: Track 1 (aka Pop), Track 2 (aka Laden), Track 3 (aka Solitaer), Track 4 (aka Ludewig)
  • Tags: Progressive Techno, Live
  • Duration: 29:03 min

This recording includes new and unreleased tracks. It was recorded with a minimal setup in the studio of Kamarad Meyer. Afterwards, it was mastered by Microghost in the format:C-Studio.

"If Music Sounds Better Without You was our Darkwave record than this one's our Techno-Punk record", tells label head Kamarad.