KMM030B: Various Artists – The Most Underrated Techno Tracks

After a total of 119 tracks on 29 releases, it’s time to bring you the most underrated techno tracks by Kamarad Meyer Musik.

On the compilation "The Most Underrated Techno Tracks" we packed 15 tracks. Included are Bildertal, Der Totmacher, M2, Sebastian Wolf and many more.

"Underrated because, in my opinion, they deserve much more attention as well as playing time due to their originality." Sven Olson (Labelhead)


  • Cat-No.: KMM030B
  • Artists: Various Artists
  • Tags: Techno, Deep Techno, Hard Techno, Minimal Techno
  • Duration: 1:42:23 min


  1. Bildertal - Nuit Debout
  2. M2 - Weather Report
  3. Juliane Wolf - Love Trip
  4. Kellerbeats - The Traveller (Sebastian Wolf's DeConstruct Remix)
  5. Christina Semmler - Base (Marcel Été Remix)
  6. Sebastian Wolf - BassAssel (Kamarad Meyer's Malacostraca Mix)
  7. Der Totmacher - Chicago Complex Night
  8. Prof. Death - Elektro Boogie
  9. Bildertal - Another Snoopy Neighbor
  10. Sebastian Wolf - Under The Bottom, Part III (Drew Miller Remix)
  11. Kamarad Meyer - We Love Us, Love Yourself
  12. Sounom & Sagou - Wende
  13. Sebastian Wolf - Under The Bottom, Part III
  14. Christina Semmler - Be Free (Microghost's Sunday Mood Remix)
  15. Kamarad Meyer - Orange