KMM030A: Various Artists – The Most Underrated House Tracks

After a total of four years releasing 119 tracks on 29 releases, we consider it important to present you the most underrated house tracks by Kamarad Meyer Musik.

"Underrated because, they deserve much more attention as well as playing time due to their originality." Sven Olson (label head)

On the Compilation "The Most Underrated House Tracks" we packed 15 tracks from artists, such as Detroites Wohnen, Christina Semmler, Marvin Dash, Sounom and Sven Olson.


  • Cat-No.: KMM030A
  • Artists: Various Artists
  • Tags: Deep House, House, Electronica
  • Duration: 1:38:30 min
  • Tracklist:
  1. Detroites Wohnen - Weird Dancer (Marvin Dash Edit)
  2. Juliane Wolf - Universe Of You And Me (Sounom Remix)
  3. Sven Olson - KKK
  4. Kamarad - Laufen (Señor de la Casa's Remix Sin Método)
  5. Christina Semmler - Be Free (Original Mix)
  6. Detroites Wohnen - Monkey
  7. Bildertal - J'était MC
  8. M2 - Bomb Bass Not Bombs (Original Version)
  9. Detroites Wohnen - Black Motion (Hille's Edit)
  10. Sven Olson - Obviously
  11. Christina Semmler - Base (Original Mix)
  12. Sebastian Wolf - Meatus
  13. Detroites Wohnen - Black Dust
  14. Kamarad Meyer - Edrieschtal
  15. Sven Olson - Today