KMM023: Sven Olson – Obviously

"Obviously", Sven Olson called his second single for Kamarad Meyer Musik. Once again, the German producer has dedicated himself to the Oldschool House. With its more than nine minutes in length, the title track takes time to build up. A simple baseline, a minimal rhythm, a sequencer loop and a voice sample fanding in one by one. The whole track sounds like from the "Strictly Rhythm School".

With second track, called "Today", Sven Olson exudes a fine Electronica note with a lot of charm. The track starts with a picked guitar and once again, Olson fades in elements, like a rumbling and clanking beat. In the middle of the arrangement, a warm timeless melody comes in.

"Today is a wonderful track! beautifully floating soundscapes with an invisible beat groovin!" Gabriel Le Mar (Praxxiz Records) "Very nice groove... sounds interesting" Tide Radio "Happy to got this track. Full support for the artist." Tec Roma


  • Cat.-No.: KMM023
  • Artist: Sven Olson
  • Name: Obviously
  • Tracklist: Obviously, Today
  • Tags: House, Electronica
  • Duration: 15:18 min
  • Cover design: Melanie Schumann

Bonus track "You Know That I Still Hang On You Like Crazy"

In any case, Sven Olson had generally planned to offer a bonus track as a free download. And because we pay attention to the signs of fate, we will soon be able to offer you remixes of the title track, which were produced by the master of electronic music himself, Sebastian Wolf, spontaneously and exclusively for Kamarad Meyer Musik! Whether as an official release or as FREE DOWNLOAD is not quite clear yet. In any case, musically this will be another big one, guaranteed!

Until everything is ready, we would like to enrich the time musically with this bonus track by Sven Olson. The number "You Know That I Still Hang On You Like Crazy" is a classic four-track techno track with lots of deep baselines.

Shortcuts & Download

  • Artist: Sven Olson
  • Track: You Know That I Still Hang On You Like Crazy
  • Tags: Minimal Techno
  • Duration: 07:50 min