KMM017: Kamarad Meyer – Da Remixörs


"Da Remixörs" combines all remix work by Electro-Gruppe Kamarad Meyer. Their playground is a wide area. In their style arc includes Techno Oldschool-Breakbeat and Drone. Highlight is the previously unreleased "Malacostraca-Remix" the duo has done for Sebastian Wolf's track "BassAssel" from his EP Meatus (KMM009).

Basic Groove (3 Elements): "Kamarad Meyer's We Detected A Signal Mix is a modern house track... cool vocals, hot hihats, funny bassline. really nice! And I listen again to a great Ambient track: Kamarad Meyer's What Took You So Long Mix. great, really great!!" Ali Akbulut (Port Washington, United States): "Great release. I will definitely support this all the way!" Matthias Vogt (fka motorcitysoul): "Schöne Tracks von Detroites Wohnen!" Rich Vom Dorf (Kiddaz): "das totmacher teil ist sooo gestört - hammer" Wang Luke (Chengdu, China) on Kamarad Meyer - TOTAL: "very very good" Sherwin Charles / Peter Lewis (Brooklyn, United States) on Kamarad - Laufen (Nicht Stolpern Mix by Der Totmacher): "love the track" Linda Leigh (Langhorne, United States) on Kamarad - Laufen (Nicht Stolpern Mix by Der Totmacher): "This is a fun track to play!!!!" Moses Gonzales (Avonlea, Canada) on Kamarad - Sonnenlicht (Torsten Kanzler's Dubby Mood Mix): "nice melodic minimal tech/prog"


  • Katalog-Nr.: KMM017
  • Interpret: Kamarad Meyer
  • Name: Da Remixörs
  • Tags: Minimal, Electronica, Techno, Trance
  • Gesamtspielzeit: 29:10 min
  • Tracklist: