KMM017: Kamarad Meyer – Da Remixörs

On “Da Remixörs” you will find all remix work by Kamarad Meyer. You will also get the previous unreleased remix for Sebastian Wolf’s track “BassAssel”.

"Da Remixörs" combines all remix work by Electro-Gruppe Kamarad Meyer. Their playground is a wide area. In their style arc includes Techno Oldschool-Breakbeat and Drone. Highlight is the previously unreleased "Malacostraca-Remix" the duo has done for Sebastian Wolf's track "BassAssel" from his EP Meatus (KMM009).

Basic Groove (3 Elements): "Kamarad Meyer's We Detected A Signal Mix is a modern house track... cool vocals, hot hihats, funny bassline. really nice! And I listen again to a great Ambient track: Kamarad Meyer's What Took You So Long Mix. great, really great!!" Ali Akbulut (Port Washington, United States): "Great release. I will definitely support this all the way!" Matthias Vogt (fka motorcitysoul): "Schöne Tracks von Detroites Wohnen!" Rich Vom Dorf (Kiddaz): "das totmacher teil ist sooo gestört - hammer" Wang Luke (Chengdu, China) on Kamarad Meyer - TOTAL: "very very good" Sherwin Charles / Peter Lewis (Brooklyn, United States) on Kamarad - Laufen (Nicht Stolpern Mix by Der Totmacher): "love the track" Linda Leigh (Langhorne, United States) on Kamarad - Laufen (Nicht Stolpern Mix by Der Totmacher): "This is a fun track to play!!!!" Moses Gonzales (Avonlea, Canada) on Kamarad - Sonnenlicht (Torsten Kanzler's Dubby Mood Mix): "nice melodic minimal tech/prog"


  • Katalog-Nr.: KMM017
  • Interpret: Kamarad Meyer
  • Name: Da Remixörs
  • Tags: Minimal, Electronica, Techno, Trance
  • Gesamtspielzeit: 29:10 min
  • Tracklist: Sebastian Wolf - Bass Assel (Kamarad Meyer's Malacostraca Mix), Detroites Wohnen - Baaang! (Kamarad Meyer Remix), Drew Miller - Musica Alienis (Kamarad Meyer's We Detected A Signal Mix), Sebastian Wolf - Waiting (Kamarad Meyer's What Took You So Long Mix)