Out now: Bildertal – Long Distance Dancer

feature bildertal - long distance dancer

Long Distance Dancer is the name of the second EP from the Berlin Bildertal. For this he wrote a short story in the run-up, which you can read here.

Benwaa (Apesound): "The big game for me, i like all the tracks but this one really stands out for me wonderfully!" Drew Miller (Gibbon Records):
"Great EP, The Big Game is my favourite track." Linda Leigh (Langhorne, United States): "I like this and will play it out in my shows."


  • Catalogue-No: KMM015
  • Artist: Bildertal
  • EP-Name: Long Distance Dancer
  • Tracklist: Another Snoopy Neighbor, Seventh Floor Roof Hatch, The Big Game, Long Distance Dancer, Blue Pill Ambience
  • Tags: Deep-Techno
  • Duration: 39:57 min