Kamarad confirm Capcom release on Shaboo Records

Sven Olson Capcom Kamarad

Labelboss Sven Olson will release the second EP under his synonym Capcom, this time on label Shaboo Records. Out in September, the track “M1” is featured in the original version and a total of three remix versions from the likes of Dutch DJ and producer Meener De Uil, Italian producer Spong-X and The Shaboo London Dub.

“I am very excited about this EP! The remixes sound great” tells Kamarad, who’s interested in astronomy for quite a while. “You know, the French astronomer Charles Messier captured more than 100 objects in cosmos, at his time. This is exciting and also inspiring in a musical way” tells Kamarad.

Capcom – Dark Matter

The audio and video artist already published the EP “Dark Matter” in May 2017 under the synonym of Capcom on the Welsh label Gibbon Deep. The topic cosmos is also present here.

Detroites Wohnen – Black Motion (Capcom’s I Will Rock Your House Remix)

The first Capcom track is, however, the remix for the track “Black Motion”, which is on the third ep of Detroites Wohnen.