Gunar Graeve designs cover sleeve for Kamarad Meyer

Gunar Graeve is an illustrator/painter from Ilmenau (Germany). He designed the sleeve of the cover from Kamarad Meyer's EP Music Sounds Better Without You. "After I gave the making of the design for the Baaang! EP of Detroites Wohnen to external hands, I wanted to try something new again. Gunar Grave was the right one to choose", says label-head Kamarad. In the end of 2015, the first contact to the illustrator/painter from Ilmenau was made and the rest is history.

Nootoon.Art international

In 1996 Gunar founded the agency NOOTOON.ART. Since then he is involved in different kind of projects all over Europe. "I really like his work for Music Sounds Better Without You. Because his figures seem to live in his paintings for real. That's why I wanted him to work for us", says Kamarad.

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