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Welcome to a brand new chapter of Electro duo Kamarad Meyer. The track Rage Gegen (Part I - V) is a raw five-piece Drum'N'Bass overture of 12:36 length, recorded live during a studio jam in early December 2016. It is also a reaction to all the crazy things that happened in Europe during the last year. "This track sounds like riots in the streets", is what Kamarad and YC think about Rage Gegen.

  • Part I (ISIS)
  • Part II (IS ONE CHILD)
  • Part IV (WE ARE)
  • Part V (IN)


  • Artist: Kamarad Meyer
  • Name Of Track: Rage Gegen (Part I - V)
  • Tags: Drum'N'Bass
  • Duration: 12:36 min
  • Mastering: Danny Storandt (www.formatc-studio.de).
  • Available as: FREE DOWNLOAD