Cover artwork and name for first compilation are fixed

feature kamarad meyer musik's 626 potpourri

For the very first official compilation of Kamarad Meyer Musik, the cover artwork and the name are fixed.

There were several ideas on how this compilation could be called. In the end, the name "Kamarad Meyer Musik's 626 Potpourri" will be given, with the "626" indicating the number of days that have elapsed since the first release (KamaradMeyerMusik001) until this compilation (KMM014) appears. "Potpourri" is first of all something different than the word "Compilation". This is also called a delicious soup. And that is it, this compilation: an extremely tasty soup, full of electronic delicacies!

As far as the cover artwork is concerned, "Kamarad Meyer Musik's 626 Potpourri" will appear in the virtual shop shelves as follows:

More information:

Catalogue-Nr.: KMM014
Artists: Various Artists
Name: Kamarad Meyer Musik's 626 Potpourri
Tags: Acid-Trance, Deep House, Electronica, Indie-Dance, Techno
Duration: 1:29:10 min

  1. Kamarad – Laufen (Der Totmacher's Nicht Stolpern Mix)
  2. Kamarad – Sonnenlicht (Torsten Kanzler's Dubby Mood Mix)
  3. Kamarad – LFW (Less' Schattenwolf Mix)
  4. Detroites Wohnen – Baaang!
  5. Kamarad Meyer – 1440 (Zu Kurz Mix)
  6. Sebastian Wolf – Balkon 17
  7. Der Totmacher – Chicago Complex Night
  8. Kamarad Meyer – TOTAL
  9. Drew Miller – Musica Alienis (Torsten Kanzler's Edit)
  10. Prof. Death – Humpeln
  11. Sebastian Wolf – Doomsday
  12. Drew Miller – Thagomizer
  13. Kamarad Meyer – Edrieschtal
  14. Detroites Wohnen – The Last