Bildertal announces new EP in April

feature image bildertal

The Berlin-based Bildertal announces five new tracks on his forthcoming EP "Long Distance Dancer" in April. In advance of his upcoming release, he wrote a short story, you can read it here.

Any resemblance to living persons and institutions is purely coincidental!

He dances the nights away. To be awake for four days is an easy exercise for him. He knows all the doormen and DJs in Berlin by name. Today, however, he's forced to do an occupational retraining, otherwise, he will face coercive measures. After three hours of monitoring work in the office, his nerves are shot. The radio barks the kind of speak that dominates the airwaves in this stuffy room and makes him nauseous with discontent. No one takes notice, "They’re happy with this," he says to himself, and then walks out.

At home, he turns the sound system up to 11 and lights a joint. He is invited to four parties and he hardly thinks about which party he ought to go to first. Drinks are for free when Tine is standing behind the bar. And at Volz, he could have a nice warm-up dancing. The other clubs will be filled with people like him later at night. He decides, first to have some drinks for free to distract himself from the office experience earlier. A quick check in the mirror, then he laces up his worn-out running shoes before he steps out into the night, another long weekend. He yearns for a cosy bass, groovy shakers and hard synth riffs. He wants to feel the melodies. He wants to dive into soft pads, in ecstasy, and immerse himself completely.

On his MP3 player, tucked away in his back pocket, a brand new Bildertal EP "Long Distance Dancer" begins with a nice warm synth pad. The sound is melancholic, but he can fully identify with the title. 'This EP will be with me for a long time,' he senses, with a smile on his face, walking straight down into the subway.