Just before 2016 ends

ausblick 2018

An outlook, not a retrospect

  • Over the holidays, Kamarad Meyer have gone through their many live recordings. The two of them have probably succeeded. Could be a second "Live Recordings" as a free download. Date of release: early 2017
  • The first official compilation of Kamarad Meyer Musik opens the release cycle in the new year. You will find out here, which tracks and extras are coming to you.
  • Bildertal, the former Jazzer from Berlin, has already finished his new EP! You can look forward to a continuation of his colourful, electronic and absolute danceable music!
  • Detroites Wohnen have their third EP almost in the box! How many new tracks will be released and whether there will be guest performances again? You will also find out here.
  • Thanks to all friends and supporters of Kamarad Meyer Musik. It's exhausting, but it's fun. And it's about music.
  • See you in level 2017…