Techno duo Kellerbeats

Techno duo Kellerbeats is a music project and label from Germany, founded by Marcel Huldt and Marcel Rüweler. The two were the first ones, who have applied to Kamarad Meyer Musik for a release.

Since 2013, Kellerbeats has been producing Techno tracks without Firlefanz. Marcel Huldt and Marcel Rüweler are the protagonists who founded the label of the same name in 2015. In addition, the two have also left their mark on Smash Up Records and Krata Records.

The Jack-EP

In May 2016, Marcel Rüweler sent a message to Kamarad for the first time: "Hi, we are Kellerbeats from the beautiful Bielefeld *cough*..." Shortly afterwards the first demo tracks followed. And then a "painful" time of several weeks began for both sides...

According to label-head Kamarad, it took several weeks for him to finally realise how good Kellerbeats' tracks are: "My subconsciously shouted at me all the time: 'These are great tracks, these are great tracks!' But I wouldn't hear it. Instead, I always had the feeling, that something in their tracks was missing. I still remember how I finally realised how awesome and perfect these four tracks already were."