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In January 2015, the audio and video artist Kamarad, who lives in Erfurt, releases the single Sonnenlicht, not knowing exactly that this is also the kick-off for his label Kamarad Meyer Musik.

The three featured intimate songs are Indie Dance and Pop. Sung in his own German words, they are about therapy approaches, loss and that everything comes as it comes. They emerged after he had gone through "quite hard times".

Kamarad's Intermezzo after Sonnenlicht

"The only thing I knew from the beginning was that I wanted to have remixes from the three songs for the clubs," says the 40-year-old. In March, he also released the single "Intermezzo" in order to avoid sprawling into electronic tones too much.

As a DJ, Kamarad played his definition of Techno music in clubs from Germany to Austria. For his next project, he used existing contacts from this time to compile an interesting team of producers for the "Sonnenlicht Remixes".

The result: On the very first Kamarad Meyer Musik, there is a total of eight different remixes from the likes of Torsten Kanzler, Senor De La Casa (Andomat 3000), Der Totmacher and others.

About the founding of his label, he says: "Music is medicine and I wanted to become a doctor."

Remix for Sebastian Wolf

Ambient Techno as Capcom Des Linton on Switch Music Recordings

Remix for Detroites Wohnen

Ambient Techno as Capcom Des Linton on Gibbon Deep