Sebastian Wolf – Creator of intelligent Techno

sebastian wolf (germany)

It was Microghost, who brought Sebastian Wolf into Kamarad Meyer Musik's artist rooster. The legend tells, that Kamarad took only 17 seconds to decide that Sebastian is in.


In autumn 2015 Sebastian Wolf's first EP Waiting was released. The tracks on it are Acid and Minimal Techno, coupled with Dub and Drone.

Heavy Rotation on Radio Altroverso

Radio Altroverso from Rome supports Sebastian's music from the very beginning in form of DJ Misk who supports nearly every Kamarad Meyer Musik release.

Sebastian Wolf's Granular Dub for Drew Miller

In April of the following year, Sebastian Wolf returned with his brilliant "Granular Dub" for Drew Miller's Thagomizer Single (KMM007).


A short time later the long awaited second EP of Sebastian Wolf entered the shops. It has the beautiful name Meatus and features 4 brand new innovative Techno tracks.

Promoclip "Balkon 17"

Promoclip "Meatus"