Michel Heukrodt’s Techno is from the deepest depths of Dub

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Michel Heukrodt has been producing his own tracks for a long time. He would probably have stayed forever a Bedroom Producer if our paths had not crossed. Michel Heukrodt works at 800 degrees of melting furnaces in a foundry for aluminium. These temperatures are twice as hot as they are on the planet Mercury. And he is closest to the sun.

Family by Michel Heukrodt

To recover from these extraterrestrial experiences for the body, the Erfurt-based produces incredibly deep Dub Techno tracks. In the autumn of 2016, Michel Heukrodt's single Family enters the shops. A first sample of the sound of the tenth Kamarad Meyer Musik is shown in the promo clip "Itchydub".

Construction Podcast - Episode 3

That Michel Heukrodt is also a gifted DJ with all his body and soul, he reveals in the third episode of the Construction Podcast, which can be found on the Mixcloud channel of Kamarad Meyer Musik.

Promoclip "Itchydub"

"I have recorded the last Full Moon Yoga Session in Erfurt with my old smartphone. Andrea Stern is a yoga teacher and organises this happening on the Petersberg. The clip, which can be seen, fits beautifully to the music of Michel Heukrodt's tack 'Itchydub'. The movements of the people in the beginning of the video, becoming calmer and also the music leaves you in the dark. That creates a certain tension. And then they start all at once to move synchronously. It looks so beautiful...", Kamarad says about the film.

KMM Discographie

michel heukrodt-kontrast

KMM020: Michel Heukrodt – Kontrast

The twentieth Kamarad Meyer Musik is the EP “Kontrast” by Michel Heukrodt. Once again, he takes us into his wondrous dub-techno world.

michel heukrodt family cover

KMM010: Michel Heukrodt – Family

Family by Michel Heukrodt is the 10th release of Kamarad Meyer Musik. The Erfurt-based artist works for his tracks in the deepest depths of Dub Techno.