Kamarad Meyer’s extraordinary definition of electronic music

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Kamarad Meyer met for the first time in summer 2014. Since then the two Erfurt-based producers have thrown their own definition of electronic club music out on several releases. The sound that Kamarad and YC produce is different on every release. Whether it is Electro, Funk, House or Techno, since the founding of their music project Kamarad Meyer, they have "more or less" performed in several genres.

Odins nervender Neffe

On their first EP Odins nervender Neffe, Kamarad Meyer released four bizarre tracks, which can be placed somewhere between Hip Hop, House and Electro.

Music Sounds Better Without You

In March of the following year, Music Sounds Better Without You, the second EP, see the light of day on Kamarad Meyer Musik. What they are serving this time is gloomy, even scratchy Detroit, Dub and Minimal Techno.

Live Recordings Vol. I

"We are still unknown to the most, so we can allow ourselves such experiments in sound and form," YC is referring to Live Recordings Vol. I, a recorded live jam presented in July 2016 as a free download.

KMM Discographie


KMM017: Kamarad Meyer – Da Remixörs

On “Da Remixörs” you will find all remix work by Kamarad Meyer. You will also get the previous unreleased remix for Sebastian Wolf’s track “BassAssel”.

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KMM006: Kamarad Meyer – Music Sounds Better Without You

Music Sounds Better Without is a dark 4-track Techno EP by Kamarad Meyer. The cover artwork was designed by East-German illustrator Gunar Graeve.

8 questions – 8 answers

8 questions – 8 answers, as the name of this category already suggests this is about eight questions that need to be answered. Eight simple questions, but they reveal a lot about the artists of Kamarad Meyer Musik.

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KMM003: Kamarad Meyer – Odins Nervender Neffe

On Odins Nervender Neffe the producer duo Kamarad Meyer provides a unique dance sound on their first release. This is a hell of a colourful 4-track EP.