Drew Miller (Glasgow)

Drew Miller from Glasgow shows with the single "Thagomizer / Musica Alienis", that the modern acid trance is still a hot thing for the dancefloor. Drew Miller loves to play with electronic sounds. He almost loses himself in it. He is happiest when he can produce nothing but music all night long.

In 2015, he graduated from Glasgow's "Soma School" for music production and has now an even greater knowledge to explore new soundscapes.

His music is released on labels like Disco Balls Records, Emerald and Doreen Records, Gibbon Records, Sunstate Records, and even Universal Music.

Drew Miller on SoundCloud

Remix for Sebastian Wolf

Drew Miller and Sebastian Wolf have big respect for the work of each other. In 2017, Drew produced a sensational remix for Sebastian's Singel Under The Bottom Part III.