Detroites Wohnen are into deep and minimal Techno

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Detroites Wohnen is a project of producer Microghost and DJ Deep Davis. Their two EPs for Kamarad Meyer Musik are wonderful examples of how deep electronic music can go under the skin.
"I am a big fan of the sound of Detroites Wohnen", tells label head Kamarad. In May 2015 the duo sends out first signals with the "Air Wolf" -Remix for Kamarad's song "LFW".

Baaang! is wonderful and warm Deep House

In the summer of the same year, the EP Baaang! appeared in the shops. The three wonderful and warm Deep House tunes will make your next sunrise a bit more beautiful.

Weird Dancer

In May 2016 the second EP of Detroites Wohnen, Weird Dancer, saw the light of day. Its sound is even tidier and the synths provide even more tension.


KMM Discographie

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KMM016: Detroites Wohnen – Black Motion

On “Black Motion”, the tracks of Detroites Wohnen are even more reduced than on their two previous EPs. This KMM comes with remixes by Hille and Capcom.

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KMM008: Detroites Wohnen – Weird Dancer

Weird Dancer is the name of the new EP by Detroites Wohnen. This time the duo pleases us with three minimal Techno tunes. PLUS two Edits by Marvin Dash.

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KamaradMeyerMusik002: Detroites Wohnen – Baaang!

Baaang! is the first release of Detroites Wohnen on Kamarad Meyer Musik. The German-based duo presents three warming and charming Deep House tunes.