Bildertal from Berlin

The man behind the beautiful name Bildertal lives in Berlin and has roots in jazz music. His tracks are timeless electronic music. He was recommended by Andreas Wiegand aka Andomat 3000 aka DJ Mahatma Señor de la Casa.

The tracks of Berlin-based Bildertal breathing the spirit of German electronic bands of the early nineties, such as Acid Jesus (Jörn Elling-Wuttke and Roman Flügel), tells Kamarad about the musician, whose first instrument was not a drum computer but a trumpet.

If you listen to Bildertal's Soundcloud account, you will find lots of tracks that he has made for remix contests from Radiohead, Die Antwoord or Busy P, for example.

His years of excursions into experimental music leave the artist behind him. "As life divides into different phases, so is my musical preferences. Evolution must also try out everything before it progresses," explains his philosophy.

Video clip “Nuit Debout”