2017 has just begun

Hi! The year 2017 is eight days young. The sun rises still in the east. And it remains dark at night. Is there any change?

In the coming days, your favourite music label will put the machines on again, in order to provide you with more exciting electronic music in 2017.

So here is a list of tasks for the following days:

  • Marcel Rüweler (Kellerbeats) has made a DJ mix for Kamarad Meyer Musik's first official compilation. Now the graphics and a promo strategy are still missing.
  • Sebastian Wolf has sent five new tracks as a mixdown. Yeah, 2017 will see a new EP (?) from him!
  • And then there are still fresh tracks from Bildertal, Detroites Wohnen, Kamarad Meyer, and many more. The whole "drumherum" is still missing. But that has worked well in 2016 and so it will in 2017.

Now it is time to stop writing, KMM wants to make more music stories!

2017, here we come!